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Meat Birds

On April 1st, we picked up 75 White Ranger chicks from the hatchery in Reinholds, PA. Today they are 5 days old, and you can already see their wing feathers coming in.

These fluff balls will spend approximately 3 weeks in the barn with a heat lamp. Then they should be big enough to move outside and handle the cool nights. We’ll be moving them into the chicken tractors that we built this past winter. They’ll be moved to a fresh patch of grass every day. Their diet will consist of grass and bugs, and a non-GMO soyfree feed mixed at the mill just up the road from us.

We’re excited to get some of these birds on our table:)

If you might have an interest in some of these birds for yourself, let us know. We’d love to grow a few extra for you!

You can send a text to Daryl at 717.629.1113 or email We’ll send you a bit more info.

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